Suffering from sore, red or itchy eyes? You could have an eye condition


Visiting the optician is not just about checking whether or not you need a prescription to correct your vision. We can also identify and diagnose certain health conditions involving your eyes too, such as the ones explained below:

Dry eyes – At Harris Opticians we specialise in the treatment of Dry Eye.This can be a very uncomfortable and disturbing condition that is also very common.It is generally the effect of what is called Meibomium Gland Disfunction or MGD. The Meibomium glands are situated on the rims of your eyelids and secrete lubricants to keep your eyes moist.If the glands become blocked then your eyes dry out and can become painful. Artificial tear drops can help.

Blephritis is an eye condition related to Dry Eye and occurs when a sticky discharge appears on the lid margins. This can drop into the eyes making them sore and red. We can recommend a daily routine that will help control these symptoms.

Conjunctivitis – The inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the thin membrane that covers the outer surface of the eye. The eyeball appears pink or red, and can sometimes be accompanied by a discharge.

Conjunctivitis is often caused by a bacterial infection, although can also result from allergens such as pollen or chemicals getting into the eye. It is very contagious but usually clears up with antibiotics or eye drops.

Corneal diseases and injuries – The cornea is the clear curved surface of your eyeball, which helps to focus light entering your eye. Disease, infection or injury can cause pain, redness, watery eyes, reduced vision, or a halo effect around lamps and light sources.

Fortunately, these conditions are often temporary and easily treatable with medicated eye drops.

Floaters – Tiny spots or specks that appear in your field of vision. You may have noticed these temporarily in the past if you’ve ever had a head injury and someone asks if you can ‘see stars!’ In some situations, floaters are normal if they only last momentarily, but if you keep seeing spots it could indicate a more serious problem with your eyes.


Eye Redness – Occurs for lots of reasons, but the most frequent are infections or foreign objects entering the eye. If the eye appears bloodshot, this is an indication of irritation in the eyeball itself. Occasionally a blood blotch may appear in one eye, particularly after eye-strain or prolonged coughing, but this is normally pain-free and subsides within days.


Most causes of eye redness don’t require medical attention, but if the symptoms last longer than two days, affect your vision or are accompanied by pain, you should seek medical help.


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