If you have entered this website you are probably looking for an optician or possibly thinking about a new pair of glasses  

You may have tried the many multiple outlets out there and been disappointed with being treated like a number and rushed into buying something that looks like everybody else.

At Harris Opticians we take the time to get it right from the consulting room right through to choosing frames and lenses. We understand that buying new glasses it often a traumatic experience for many people and we have trained eyewear specialists who will conduct a free Eyewear Styling Consultation.

They will consider everything about you from the colour of your hair to what you will be using your new glasses for. They will then recommend the most appropriate frames and lenses whilst respecting your budget.


If you can’t see what you look like in the mirror without your specs , we even have a solution to that. We bring you individual and exciting eyewear from around the world and we make finding the right eyewear an effortless and enjoyable experience.


There are 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Harris Opticians:

1. Clinical Expertise

We have been established since 1983 and gained a reputation for delivering quality Professional Eyecare. We keep up to date with the changing world of Optometry and have the latest refractive and diagnostic equipment.


2. Quality Eyewear that will stand out from the crowd

We source our frames from all over the world and have good relationships with all the major providers of quality eyewear. If you are looking for something a bit different, something superior then we are for you.


We are Essilor Signature Practices. Essilor is the world leader in spectacle lens innovation and the brand behind Varilux, Transitions and Crizal. Our Frame and Lens Specialists will conduct an Eyewear Styling consultation making finding the right frames for you an effortless and enjoyable experience. They will then discuss your visual requirements and recommend the best lenses for you.




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3. Personal Service

So often these days you are just treated like a number by people who don’t seem to care.We will go the extra mile to make sure you are delighted with your experience. We are a small team of friendly welcoming people and you are welcome to pop in to browse or for advice on any aspect of your eyecare.



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