We are an Essilor Signature practice so you can receive the best possible products and service too

When it comes to your new eyewear, you want a frame design that you love – not just in the way it looks but in the way it makes you feel, too. However, your new lenses are just as important as the frames; after all, they will be responsible for improving your vision!

Here at Harris Opticians, we are known as an Essilor ‘Signature’ practice.


We work with this world-leading lens brand to offer you some of the best optical lenses available, and are often able to access them sooner than they are released to the general market.


Our range of lenses ensure that whatever your work or leisure habits, there’ll be suitable options to enhance your visual experience.


Vocational Lenses


These lenses are very useful for people that require to read at different distances for example using computers or playing a musical instrument. They can be thought of as Advanced Reading Lenses. Lenses are also available to eliminate eyestrain for the Digital Generation when using tablets and smart phones.


Single Vision Lenses

Probably the most common type of lens, single vision lenses have one prescription across the whole lens. This makes them suitable for a variety of activities including driving, working and computer use.

Varifocal Lenses

Like bifocals, varifocal lenses contain at least two focusing powers – sometimes even three. However, unlike bifocals, they change progressively between each section, providing a seamless visual experience.


Whatever your prescription or visual requirements might be, you can rest assured we’ve got it covered. Our team will always be more than happy to discuss your options with you, and recommend the best type of lens for your personal situation.


What’s more, thanks to our onsite glazing facilities, in most cases you will be able to take your new eyewear home the very same day rather than having to make another trip to the practice to collect it.




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